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La Bassa Mar

A seminar and retreat space for trans, inter, non-binary, and queer people, centering those impacted by racism, in Tarragona, Catalunya.

House & Land

Accommodation for up to 25 people and a variety of indoor and outdoor gathering spaces.

The Surroundings

Located near the Ebro River Delta, Ports Nature Reserve, and the Via Verde cycle route.


Everything you need to know about access, pricing, and communication.

What to Expect

Whether you are visiting as part of a group or as an individual, here’s what to expect.

Place and Context

Some things to be aware of regarding the location and context of La Bassa Mar.

Get in touch

If you are interested in using our space or collaborating with us to create a program, please email us at or click ‘CONTACT US’ to send a message using our contact form

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