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House and Land

The house

The house consists of five rooms, equipped with a combination of double beds, bunk beds, and single beds (possible to arrange according to needs), as well as a larger open shared sleeping space. The house can accommodate a total of up to 25 people inside, and also offers plenty of additional outdoor space for camping.

In addition to the dining room, there are two living rooms which could be used as workshop spaces. There is also a small, fully equipped kitchen (including refrigerator-freezer, oven, microwave and a dishwasher to minimize water consumption), and two bathrooms with hot water showers.

A large, covered terrace and balcony with a view of the sea can be used all year round.

On the land are two cozy caravans that can offer a more private and quiet place for visitors to sleep in. When they’re available, the bigger can accommodate a maximum of three persons. The smaller one instead can be offered for one or two persons. Unfortunately, both of the caravans are not connected to electricity and gas. At the same time, through the small size of the room, they can heat up fast.

With a generous amount of land surrounding this house, there is a great deal of space secluding us from our few and friendly neighbours. This means that visiting groups can be assured access to space and privacy. 

The property

On the surrounding 18,000 square meters of land, you will find olive, carob and almond trees. Among the vegetation are many possibilities for (shaded or sunny) seating and exercising– whether you are craving shared or alone time. You will also find a small pine forest– a great location for hanging hammocks– and our small, sustainable garden-in-development. 

Since it very rarely rains in this area, you can generally count on making use of this vast outdoor space. Please note, that it can get quite windy on our property through our special location near the sea and Delta.

Pool and sea

Since we’re in a very dry area with strong winds, fires can easily start, so it’s necessary to have a water tank in case of emergency, and we decided to use the raft as a pool. It is located 25 mts from the front of the house, of 4×3 mts and is surrounded by vegetation. It’s filled with well water, which is later reused to irrigate the surrounding vegetation.

You can also reach the nearest beach by foot in 20-30 minutes. Along the coast, you will find many different landscapes– from small, secluded bays and rocky coasts to sandy and pebble beaches. 


 Although we have a lot of space, sound travels fairly easily. So out of respect for our neighbours and the surrounding environment, we do not host parties, concerts, or other loud events.

Due to the wind circulation it’s possible to hear some of the highway traffic near La Bassa Mar. Moreover, depending on the season, sometimes we can hear shouting sounds. Unfortunately in Catalunya it is not forbidden to hunt animals in different periods of the year.


Guests are asked to arrange for their own grocery shopping. There is a supermarket about half an hour by foot (10 minutes by bike), as well as several weekly markets in the surrounding villages with regional vegetables, and an organic vegetable farm with direct sales about 10 km away. You may also arrange for a grocery trip with us if needed.

Contact person

If you have any questions, there is always a contact person on site who lives on part of the land. However, the space is divided in such a way that we can accommodate different privacy needs (including for exclusive groups, such as Black-, femme- or sex worker-only). 


The train station is about half an hour’s walk away. Barcelona-Sants can be reached in two hours with the regional trains that run regularly throughout the day (every two hours). This also makes a day trip to Barcelona possible. There are connections from Barcelona-Sants to the airport. Tickets can be bought at the station or airport to L’Ampolla-El Perello-Deltebre station for approximately 13 € one-way; they cannot be bought online.

Please note: the last trains usually leave at around 21:00 from Barcelona-Sants station and 20:00 from L’Ampolla-El Perello-Deltebre station. The earliest trains usually leave at around 6:00 from both L’Ampolla-El Perello-Deltebre and Barcelona-Sants stations.

If you are arriving or departing by plane, allow enough time to get from the airport to Barcelona-Sants, and vice versa. Check for exact train connections.


There is plenty of outdoor parking space, including for large vehicles. 

Companion Animals

Whether or not, you bring animals inside the house, it is up for you and your group or other overlapping residents to negotiate. Please note, that there are no fences around the property and that rabbits, dogs and cats sometimes venture through the outdoor spaces of La Bassa Mar. 

Here we want to mention that at La Bassa Mar we live with two really nice big dogs named Guadalupe and Tete.

Get in touch

If you are interested in using our space or collaborating with us to create a program, please email us at or click ‘CONTACT US’ to send a message using our contact form

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