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What to expect

Visiting as part of a group

Groups staying at La Bassa Mar can expect, full access to the space and equipment. The space will be clean and furnished, but all visitors will be required to do their own shopping, cooking and cleaning. If you would like to request catering during your stay, please let us know and we will try to arrange this.

As La Bassa Mar is a collective, Do-It-Together space, we ask that you treat it with the same care and love that we do, and try and leave it in the same condition (or better!) that you found it. If you are unable to clean after your stay, please let us know in advance, so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Visiting as an individual

Individuals coming to stay here should likewise expect to shop, cook and clean as one would in a shared home. Though the house is big enough to allow you plenty of alone-time, if desired, there will likely be other individuals or small groups staying at La Bassa Mar at the same time.


We kindly ask everyone to be kind and respectful toward one another and the space. In case of conflicts that might appear, we can offer limited mediation but cannot guarantee that everyone’s needs can be fully met.

Though we stress that this is a trans*- and BIPoC-centered retreat, we cannot guarantee a complete absence of harmful behaviour. We would like to cultivate a space; where everyone takes care, of both: themselves and one another, but off course the care we extend has its limits. Please note, that there is no counselling, therapy, or medical team on site (unless previously arranged), and we do not have capacity to adequately attend to those in crises or with acute conditions.

We would like to emphasize, that the house is a 25-35 minute walk away from the village center, so there may be barriers for accessing urgent care. Those in crisis situations or with acute (mental and/or physical) conditions should plan accordingly, and arrive with the necessary support and resources, to ensure their well-being.

Get in touch

If you are interested in using our space or collaborating with us to create a program, please send us a message.

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