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What is La Bassa Mar?

La Bassa Mar is a self-organized collective project, for and by us: trans*, inter, non-binary and queer people, centering those impacted by racism. We offer a seminar house and retreat space in L’Ampolla, Tarragona, situated two hours south of Barcelona, in Catalunya, Spain. Together with Casa Kuà, a Berlin-based Health and Community Center, we do not see health as just a treatment of symptoms and instead recognize that being or feeling unwell can be caused by societal conditions, intersectional discriminations, loneliness and isolation.

We collaborate tight with Casa Kuà which is organized by trans* and non-binary BIPoCs to make health more accessible to other trans*, inter, non-binary and queer people, and especially for those affected by racism. They see health as holistic. The aim of Casa Kuà is to bring together different types of medical treatments, as well as communities, centering the needs and wishes of trans* BIPoC (Black, Indigenous & People of Colour)— because communities and health are inseparable.

We believe that access to nourishment, replenishment and slowing down are important in order to rethink, re-prioritise, and envision new ways of moving forward— both individually and collectively. A seminar and retreat space can allow groups and individuals from our communities to rest, recharge, and empower ourselves and each other. It offers opportunities to strategize, to connect with the sea, land and surrounding environment, as well as with one another.

Who the space is for

This project focuses on (but is not exclusive to) trans*, inter and non-binary people, specially centering those of us impacted by racism. We are particularly interested in hosting groups and events working on a range of different topics, including (but not limited to): anti-racism and decolonization, prison abolition, trans-feminisms, health and wellness, sex work, sex and sexuality, sustainable gardening and permaculture, youth programs, art and education. At the same time, we are open to welcome individuals to re-charge and connect with others.

We would like to be able to pay for travel & accommodation due to economic barriers. We hope to be able to do this in the future, unfortunately we cannot offer this at this time.

Get in touch

If you are interested in using our space or collaborating with us to create a program, please send us a message.

We are also happy to receive feedback and suggestions from people and groups who have visited La Bassa Mar.

We are

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