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Place and Context

We would like to note that, although our space centers BIPoC trans*, inter, non-binary and queer people, that the village and its sourrounding itself, is very white, cis and straight. However, because of the scope of land and space, that we have access here, we hope to create our own unique environment that accommodates our needs and wishes and allows us to feel withdrawn from this everyday life weight.

We would also like to acknowledge, that we are located in a center of colonial history, where violence continues to be perpetuated in many forms, for example epistemically, through the labour conditions of those working on the land, the continued exploitation of people and resources of the Global South, the many forms of institutional racism, and all the bloodshed in the Mediterranean Sea.

Since our space centers BIPoC we, as a community, try to minimize, in every way, possible cultural appropriation. This includes for example dreadlocks, braids and bindies. We ask every person to think and reflect about this before coming. We encourage asking, educating oneself by research and listening to others.

Get in touch

If you are interested in using our space or collaborating with us to create a program, please email us at or click ‘CONTACT US’ to send a message using our contact form

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